Understanding the Health Requirement in the Application of Family Visas

Under the family migration program in Australia, Australian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their immediate family members to apply for family visas. There are various categories of family visas, which include child visas, spouse visas and parent visas. One of the standard eligibility requirements specified by the Department of Immigration, which applies to every family visa class, is the health requirement. This article will expound on the health requirement when applying for a family visa.

Health Requirement

Australia boasts of arguably the most excellent health standards in the globe. To preserve these standards, family visa are obliged to meet specific minimum health standards in order to be awarded a family visa. This is what is referred to as satisfying the health requirement.

Objective of the Health Requirement

As your immigration attorney will tell you, the objective of the health requirement is to, 

  • Protect the Australian citizenship from community health and safety hazards
  • Control public budget on public health and services
  • Safeguard the demand placed on the Australian healthcare system and make sure that further pressure is not exerted on healthcare and public services that are in small supply.
  • Ensure that the visa applicant upon receiving the family visa is able to study or work in Australia without medical complications that would otherwise hinder their stay.

Satisfying the Health Requirement

The visa applicant must undergo medical examinations from a certified physician as part of the family visa application process. A health report containing the findings of these tests will then be filed by their immigration attorney as part of the visa application and assessed by the Department of Immigration to establish the authenticity of the findings and whether the visa applicant satisfies the health requirement criterion or not.

To satisfy the health requirement stipulated by the Department of Immigration, the visa applicant ought to be free from an illness that is,

  • Regarded as a danger or threat to public health--for example, tuberculosis
  • Projected to impose considerable demands and medical service expenses on Australian's healthcare system
  • Projected to necessitate healthcare and medical services that will consequently increase the demand and restrict the access of Australian community to those services given that they are already in limited supply

An immigration attorney understands the importance of the visa applicant satisfying the health requirement in order to boost their chances of success for their visa application. In this regard, the attorney ensures the medical examination results for their client are genuine and filed within the stipulated visa application period.