3 Essential Requirements to be Eligible for a Family Visa

Living and working in a foreign country with your family can be psychologically taxing. It is for this reason that most foreigners who have achieved permanent residency in Australia initiate the process of bringing their family members close to them. Therefore, if you have decided that it is time your family immigrated to Australia, then you need to apply for a family visa from the Department of Immigration. However, it is essential to understand that applying for and getting a family visa is an intricate process. There are specific requirements that you must fulfil before being granted a family visa. This article highlights these requirements.

Proof of Citizenship -- If you are planning to bring your family into Australia, then the Australian government considers you to be their sponsor. All sponsors are required to show proof of citizenship when lodging a family visa application. Since you are not an Australian citizen by birth, you cannot use your birth certificate as proof of citizenship. If you gained Australian citizenship through immigration, then your Citizenship Certificate is enough proof. The reason that the Department of Immigration insists on proof of Australian citizenship is that in case anything happens, then they can quickly get hold of the sponsor, which, in this case. is you. However, if you are a permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen, then you are exempt from this requirement.

Financial Capability -- Since the Australian government recognises you as the sole sponsor of your family, you are obligated to offer both financial and accommodation support for at least two years. It is because when you apply for a family visa, it usually takes approximately two years for the Department of Immigration to extend permanent residency. Notably, the government has to be sure that you are capable of comfortably supporting your family for the duration that you will be holding the family visa. When lodging your application for a family visa, you should include a bank statement since it provides a clear overview of your financial capability.

Proof of Marriage -- Most people that apply for a family visa to allow them to bring their family into the country usually have a spouse. Therefore, it is important to show proof that you are legally married to your spouse. If you married your partner outside of Australia, then the marriage should be recognised as valid under Australian laws. Therefore, a marriage certificate is mandatory if you are applying for a family visa for your spouse and children. It is critical to note that the requirement also applies to same-sex couples.