Partner Visa Application Tips

The partner visa allows de-facto partners and spouses of Australian residents to live, work and study in Australia. The visa enables a successful applicant to become a permanent resident of Australia. Besides, it could be the stepping stone to applying for Australian citizenship. If you wish to apply for this visa, read the extract below for some tips on how you can increase the probability of approval. 

Consider The Services Of An Immigration Lawyer

As an immigrant, you may not understand the Australian immigration law. Therefore, you require the assistance of an immigration lawyer. During your first consultation, the immigration lawyer can assess whether or not you qualify for the visa. For instance, applicants in de-facto relationships must prove that the relationship is more than a year old. During the application, the lawyer will organise your documents and help out with every aspect of the application. Besides, they will appeal your case if the department declines your request. 

Check The Partner Qualifications

Most applicants do not know that their partners (also known as sponsors) could influence the visa application process. For instance, the application will be declined if your partner has sponsored someone else with a similar visa within the last five years. Besides, the department could reject your application if the sponsor has a significant criminal record. However, they will inform you if they have a relevant criminal record. If you intend to move with children below 18 years, the department will review if it is in the child's best interests to move. If not, they will reject the application. 

Be Genuine

Transparency is a crucial factor when applying for a partner visa. The department conducts thorough background checks to establish every bit of information that you provide. If you give false information in a bid to improve your approval chances, there is a likelihood that the department will unearth this information. If they do, you will receive an automatic rejection. In severe cases, you could be barred from making subsequent applications. 

Prepare For Visa Interviews

After making the online application, the department will follow up with an interview to clarify some of your details and seek additional information. More often than not, they will interview the applicant and the sponsor to establish the authenticity of their relationship. If possible, you should ask your lawyer to escort you to the interview. They will expound your case officer's questions and ensure that the interviewer does not cross professional limits. 

When applying for a partner visa, hire an immigration lawyer, check your partner's qualifications, be genuine and prepare for visa interviews. To learn more, contact an immigration attorney